Energy Audit

Energy consumption represents the largest cost associated with an industrial air compressor and therefore represents the largest opportunity for savings.

When a fixed speed compressor is running off load (not producing air) it can still consume between 20 to 40% of maximum on load power.

Understanding the user’s compressed air demand profile is essential to identify system inefficiencies resulting in energy losses.

Our AirInsite data loggers are used to calculate energy consumption by recording the incoming current and voltage every 90 seconds over a period of time (usually 7 days). The data is then downloaded from the data logger and converted using bespoke software into detailed graphs and reports to simulate energy consumption. The data can be further analysed to produce a demand profile for the compressor system and subsequent recommendations can be made for more accurate compressor profiles.

Having the correct size compressor for your system requirements is the first step in saving energy and reducing your energy costs.

Ultimately our goal is to help our customers achieve the lowest operating cost for the compressed air system and a fast return on any investment.

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