Leak Survey

Around 30% of the compressed air generated in the UK is estimated to be wasted through leakage. Identifying and repairing leaks can significantly reduce your energy costs.

At AE, we offer a comprehensive leak detection survey to pin point the location of the leaks and provide a detailed summary of the findings and the potential cost savings.
Using the latest technology ultrasonic leak detectors we can identify the smallest of leaks which are inaudible to the human ear. Not only does the survey identify where the leaks are, but it highlights the energy costs of each leak. During the survey each leak is allocated a unique number and listed on the summary sheet.

A leak tag, detailing the following information, is fixed to the system as close to the source as possible.
• Tag Number
• Date
• Equipment ID
• Leak Size (dB)
• Location

Additionally, if there is a drawing of the system available, the leaks will be clearly marked on it, allowing a quick visualization of the location of the leaks to hasten the repair process.

Detailed system drawings are available on request with location points of each leak clearly marked on it to give an overview for speed of repair.

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