Fixed Speed

Fixed speed rotary screw compressors are an ideal piece of equipment for those with a fairly consistent use for compressed air.

Oil-injected rotary screw compressors incorporate the very latest technological advances and manufacturing processes to provide you with a continuous supply of economic and reliable high quality air.

However, when air demand reduces, the compressor will run offload making it less efficient than a variable speed compressor.

Compair Warranty and Service programs – for total peace of mind!

The Compair Assure warranty and service programs will assure you up to 44,000 hours/6 years* peace of mind, and is one of the most generous warranties available in the industry.

  • The Assure warranty is totally free to the compressor owner**
  • The CompAir authorised service provider will deliver a guaranteed quality of service.
  • An Assure service agreement underpinning the warranty will enable accurate maintenance budgeting and cost of ownership.
  • The use of genuine CompAir parts and lubricants will maximise compressor life and efficiency.

*Whichever is the soonest
**Subject to terms and conditions

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