Variable Speed

Variable speed rotary screw compressors are the right choice for a fluctuating demand in compressed air.

Featuring inverter technology, the compressor is able to smoothly adjust the motor speed and power consumption to respond to any changes in product demand, adjusting product production and ensuring no offload running.

The result is a more efficient creation of compressed air, with many situations reducing energy costs by up to 35% or more. A return on investment can often be seen within as little as 12 – 18 months.

Compair Warranty and Service programs – for total peace of mind!

The Compair Assure warranty and service programs will assure you up to 44,000 hours/6 years* peace of mind, and is one of the most generous warranties available in the industry.

  • The Assure warranty is totally free to the compressor owner**
  • The CompAir authorised service provider will deliver a guaranteed quality of service.
  • An Assure service agreement underpinning the warranty will enable accurate maintenance budgeting and cost of ownership.
  • The use of genuine CompAir parts and lubricants will maximise compressor life and efficiency.

*Whichever is the soonest
**Subject to terms and conditions

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