Pipe Work

We offer a fast and secure way of connecting pipes that provide considerable advantages over conventional galvanised pipe and fittings. Complex pipework systems can be assembled more rapidly than with traditional methods.

In partnership with John Guest & Parker Transair, the world’s leading manufacturers of push fit pipe systems, AE offer fully installed and tested pipework systems to a wide variety of industries. Our compressed air systems are complemented with a vast range of accessories including control valves, safety couplings and hose rewinders.

Our experienced engineers are able to visit you on site to evaluate your system requirements, ensuring that your pipework is tailored to your exact specification.

All our systems are fully pressure and leak tested in accordance with the BCAS code of practice. Fast to install, easy to modify, flexible to any environment.

Range of diameters from 15mm to 168mm. Advanced pipe & fitting technology for maximum flow with minimum pressure drops.

Quality assurance according to the highest standards of the industry.

Our range of system accessories minimize potential hazards and work place accidents.

Flexible installation to work around your production demands. Versatile technology for ease of expansion or modifications.

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